The term 20/20 vision is used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision). For this year’s graduating high school seniors, 2020 has been anything but normal.

With their graduation ceremonies, parties and everything else that goes with one of life’s accomplishments less than three months away, the world was besieged by the coronavirus, a global pandemic not seen in a century.

In today’s EagleHerald, readers will find our annual graduation section. It’s a salute to seniors from 15 area high schools who are graduate candidates. Photos of the valedictorians and salutatorians from each school are included. The name of every graduate candidate is printed.

If it wasn’t for a story detailing how schools are dealing with the pandemic and some school commencement dates “to be announced,” our annual grad section is not that different from previous years.

And that’s the way it should be.

This year’s high school seniors have sacrificed a lot. They were forced to finish their prep careers learning remotely. There were no proms, spring sporting events, award banquets, scholarship nights or senior class picnics.

We must give credit to administrators, educators, parents and others who were forced to be creative and flexible in trying to give proper recognition to these outstanding young men and women. They deserve to walk and receive their diplomas, even if it is done in ways never seen before.

And students certainly deserve praise. They could have whined and groaned. Would we blame them? Instead, they perservered and stood tall during this turmoil. Many young people are resilient. We’re guessing they are handling the situation better than some of the older, more experienced, adults.

Imagine the Class of 2020 at future class reunions. They will have so many stories to tell. We hope they will find a way to smile and laugh about their high school memories. And when they do gather five, 10, 25 years from now, we hope social distancing is a long-forgotten, obsolete term.

Sure, for this year’s seniors, their situation is unique, different and unusual. But in reality these amazing graduates are no different than the students who have come before them. Just like their predecessors they have hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations.

We wish them well as they enter the next phase of their young lives.