The motion picture industry and Marinette came together earlier this month as the movie “Aquarians” premiered at the Mariner Theatre.

The project is the baby of Marinette native Michael M. McGuire, who is the movie’s writer, director and producer. It is his first feature film.

Congratulations to McGuire and the team he assembled to see his dream come to fruition.

It was exciting to see the community pack the theater for the movie, which was filmed in Marinette, Menominee and the surrounding area in 2016. The film is still at the Mariner this week.

“Aquarians” is described by McGuire as a “comedic, brotherhood drama.” He said it showcases the “wintery landscape of northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.”

McGuire, responding to a question following the premier, said he hoped viewers would come away from the film with a sense of forgiveness and the release of guilt.

“I think, ultimately, the movie is about confronting things that we carry guilt for that are out of our control, and forgiving ourselves,” he said. “And that healing that comes from letting go of pain, that frees you to resume who you’re meant to be.”

McGuire’s project has received rave reviews at various film festivals and it has garnered recognition for some of the actors, including lead actor Chandler Massey, who was nominated for Best Performance at the 2017 Twin Cities Film Festival.

Another actor in the film is Marinette’s own Pete Schwaba, who several years ago filmed his project, “The Godfather of Green Bay,” in his old stomping grounds.

What’s fun about movies that are filmed in this area — and it’s a short list — is that viewers can recognize locations in the area that were used in the film. They also can recognize people because local actors were brought in for some small roles and ordinary citizens were used as extras.

McGuire thanked those who have invested time, money and energy in the project.

McGuire should be thanked as well. He has shown that if you have a dream, a plan and put forth some effort, anything is possible. It doesn’t matter where you come from.

Clearly, McGuire had a solid upbringing in Marinette. And, fortunately, he didn’t forget his roots. In fact, he embraces them.