Dear Editor,

I am writing to tell Commissioner David Prestin and the Menominee County Finance Committee not to cut funding for the library. The library is an incredible place. Why buy a book when you can borrow one? If you think nobody goes to the library, you’re wrong. I started going to storytime when I was 1 year old. Now I am a guest reader as part of the summer reading program. I love to check out books from the library. When I needed to do research for the science fair, I got books from other libraries in Michigan through the inter-library loan system. Now I use it to get books from my favorite series like “Dog Man” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” It is so exiting to get a book from the library. All of the staff are super friendly and I know they would help you check out your first book in over 25 years.


Mark Ehle, age 8