Dear Editor,

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jon Drees, Town of Peshtigo Board of Supervisors Seat 2, for attending the 6 p.m. DNR PFAS listening session on Wednesday. We were present at each session and Mr. Drees was the only Town of Peshtigo board member to attend either.

As the scope of this crisis widens and the impact on the town worsens, as thoroughly described by the DNR at this meeting, we citizens of the Town of Peshtigo need our leaders to stay informed and involved. We are relying on our elected leadership to stay up-to-date on this situation and to make educated, common-sense decisions to protect our families.

Thank you, Mr. Drees, for leading by example.

We would also like to note that Kayla Furton and Kristen Edgar are currently seeking election to the Town of Peshtigo Board of Supervisors, Seats 3 and 4, respectively, and that they both made time to attend the listening sessions.


Karl Jaeger and Mariel Carter

Candidate for Marinette County Supervisor, District 21; Member of the Peshtigo School Board, Seat 3