Dear Editor,

In case you had any doubts about the state of our future, all you would have needed to do is be present on Thursday (Nov. 7) morning at Marinette Senior High School for the Senior Citizen and Veteran Appreciation Day. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by lovely students from the student senate. They escorted us into the building to the auditorium which we were then entertained by the choir/chorale groups and the Marinette Senior High Band with patriotic music and songs from our past. What an outstanding display of talent. After about an hour of entertainment, including a few jokes and trivia questions, we were then escorted to the library where we were invited to play bingo. The camaraderie shared at the tables was easy to hear by the laughter and lively conversation. The luncheon served by the students and the culinary class was a perfect answer to the chilly temperatures outside. The potato soup brought back memories of my mother’s kitchen.

It would be difficult to thank everyone that made us feel very special that morning. It was evident that more than just a small group of people put many hours of work into this grand event. Special thanks to Dr. Dzurick, Mrs. Braatz and the staff, Mr. Berg and Ms. Blystone and the student senate, Ms. Giebler, the chamber choir and chorale members, Ms. Oskey and the band, Mrs. Nygren’s Family and Consumer Ed Classes, and the M&M Area Community Foundation.

You all touched our hearts that cold November morning. Thank you for inviting us to “Be your guest!” Cast any doubts aside about our great nation’s future. With these students at the helm, our future remains bright.


Sharon Brey