Dear Editor,

I was raised in Duluth, Minn., not far from the iron ore docks.

Mom wouldn’t like it when the soot from the steam engines would get on her clean laundry on the outside line.

I was fortunate enough to have an older brother who would teach me many useful things. One of my hard lessons took place at the dinner table when he smiled at me, then kicked me under the table. “Why did you kick me?” was my response. When he calmly denied it, I became upset. The discussion escalated, he in control and I unreasonably out of control. The disagreement was settled by my parent’s when they sent me to my room without dessert. He stayed at the table.

In those days the environment was not as much of a concern as it is today.

The mine will get all their permits and when they run low on money, they will just get more and they will move on towards opening operations.

One might be surprised to know how much of their stock (AQARF: US or AQA: TSX) is owned by local residents. One fellow told me he would have $1/4 Million when the price hits $1/share.

The fight to stop the mine is over, so why waste any more resources on lawsuits, signs, or newspaper ads trying to stop it.

The war to prevent pollution is not over. This will take a lot more effort and requires clearly identifying the concern, research, creative thought, reasoning, questioning, gathering many points of view, and the reasoning behind those points of view. Just remember to stay focused on the point and keep yourself calm and under control and remember that in this league when you become unreasonable you are considered a person who can’t reason and you lose your place at the table.

My hope is that those who have fought so valiantly to stop the mine will now focus their attention on finding a beneficial use for the waste rock. Remember when you find a use for toxic waste, it is no longer toxic waste.

If we are successful, it will not only be beneficial here but globally as well.

Aquila’s ever-increasing professional staff is willing to work with you to address your concerns but you have to be civil and considerate. We will miss Jeff but he has more than earned his well-deserved retirement.


Dale Andersen