Dear Editor,

At the most recent DNR listening session, local citizens asked what they can do to help with the PFAS contamination crisis in our community. One of the simplest things you can do — show up at the polls to support your local clean water candidates at the primary on Feb. 18, and then again at the general election on April 7. I encourage you to find the list of local clean water advocates online at S.O.H2O Facebook page.

I desperately urge you not to look the other way when you hear people talking about safe drinking water in our community — because you think it does not impact you personally. To be clear, this contamination crisis will have a significant and lasting impact on our communities’ economic development as a whole — from our overall health to our property values.

Citizens have witnessed the power and importance of strong local leadership, which not only includes educating themselves on the hazards of contaminants in our drinking water but also willing to take the time to listen to your concerns. Your voice is so important in the upcoming spring election. Changing leadership is not always easy, and the local clean water candidates need your help.

For the past year, I have been attending and paying attention to the leadership in the Town of Peshtigo. If there is one thing I know for sure — the community needs new leadership and more common-sense decision making. I have witnessed the Town of Peshtigo Board making motions during meetings, and then doing the complete opposite to what was agreed to after the fact. This modality of leadership is costing town taxpayers significant money and it is wasteful. It is disheartening to witness citizens in the town that have been personally impacted by this PFAS contamination being dismissed and treated poorly at meetings for expressing their concerns.

It makes sense that citizens in the Town of Peshtigo and Marinette County feel like they do not have a voice at the table and they want to change their leadership. Our local water crisis is first and foremost in my mind — especially with this crisis spreading further and further into our community. The DNR recently announced that the plume has been extended further into the Town of Peshtigo. We need your help in this fight. Please help allow these local clean water candidates to embrace a leadership role within our community by voting to support them. The Peshtigo Board of Supervisors should listen to all citizens in whom they represent, and not just the select few. Thank you for your consideration of these clean water candidates for your community.


Kristen Edgar

Candidate for Supervisor 4

Town of Peshtigo