Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on Linda Gould’s response to my letter, “Republicans want to punish the poor” published in the EagleHerald on April 4. She states that in countries with national healthcare, tax rates vary from 70-90%, “for their watered-down healthcare.” I was unable to find those percentage rates anywhere in my research. The highest tax rate I could find was Denmark at 55.89%, Finland 53.75%, and Iceland 46.24%. Canada is said to have the most medically advanced healthcare in the world, and it is known as Medicare, (March 16, 2018). American Federal Income Taxes range from 15% to 37%. In Canada the range is 15% to 33%.

Here is a Quality of Living Index for 2020 by rank: 1. Denmark; 2. Switzerland; 3. Finland; 4. Australia; 5. Netherlands; 6. Austria; 7. Iceland; 8. New Zealand; etc. The United States comes in at number 14.

The United States is the only country I could find with a 90% or above marginal individual tax rate and the effective tax rate at 70% for the highest incomes from 1950 to 1964. The tax rate was then lowered to 70% until 1982 when the top marginal rate was lowered to 50%.

“Unlikely as it may seem, Republicans decided to keep the 70% tax rate in place because they thought that it would be perceived as a giveaway to the wealthy.” Actually, it was the Democrats who killed the 70% tax.

Ms. Gould’s states the Trump Administration being accused of putting illegals’ in cages was “propaganda and the brainchild of the squad of four — Ilhan Omar and two other Muslim radicals (this doesn’t add up to 4) with anti-American missions.”

About children being held and separated from their parents, I offer the following rebuttal: “Sarah Fabian, a lawyer for the US Department of Justice under Trump’s Administration told a panel of incredulous Ninth Circuit Judges that it is ‘safe and sanitary’” to confine immigrant children in facilities without soap or toothbrushes and to make them sleep on concrete floors under bright lights. A group of lawyers told reporters they observed distressed children held in cramped, filthy conditions, with insufficient food or clean water, and saw infants being cared for by other detainees, some as young as seven years old. Lawmakers sprang into action, decrying the conditions. Hundreds of children were transferred out of the station; however, from then on news reporters were not allowed to bring in cameras, and access to sights was only allowed in specific venues approved by the government.


Holly Kristine Granquist