Dear Editor, 

It’s surprising after 16 years when gold was discovered in Menominee County, as was so stated by Curtis Dahlgren in his letter to the editor, he is still concerned about the people who oppose the mine. Maybe he’s hoping to get a job as a gold miner.

Why then, is he so concerned? Perhaps he invested in it; in which case, would explain his concerns.

As for the Native Americans who “mined” copper, they surely didn’t process it with cyanide.

He says people say 97% of them are against the mine. Which he doesn’t believe. I invited him to come down to Menominee and find one sign that is for the mine. That is, not put up by Aquila.

I personally have not seen one sign on a lawn in Menominee or Marinette for the mine.

That six- by eight-foot sign across from the Wildwood Restaurant out on U.S. 2 in Hermansville is for the mine. Why should they be concerned? They’re above the proposed mine. The Menominee River flows downstream.

I’m sure Michigan DEQ knows the cities of Menominee and Marinette intake their water supply from the mouth of the river. Who lost their thinking cap? Even Door County writes their concerns as does Peshtigo and Oconto.

He asks, “what ever happened to ‘love thine enemies.’” If the proposed mine ever becomes a reality and the Menominee River becomes contaminated —and it will — there won’t be anyone left to love. Friend or foe. And your homes along the river wouldn’t be worth two cents.


John Helfert