Dear Editor,

The manipulative power of our president is absolutely terrifying to me. My sister threatened to throw me out of her house because I criticized our president.

Whether Mr. Koesling realizes it or not, our president has manipulated him.

“Fake news” doesn’t exist, there is biased news for sure in both the left and right media outlets and there have been mistakes made by the media on both the left and the right “fake news” doesn’t exist except in the conspiracy world on the Internet with Alex Jones.

“Fake news” is our president’s way of delegitimizing the media whenever they report something he doesn’t like. It’s a tactic right out of the dictator’s handbook; I’m an independent thinker who listens to all points of view and usually vote for the candidate I think will do the best job regardless of party affiliation.

Every president since George Washington has had to deal with biased reporting. The difference is most presidents’ respond with facts if they can prove them or they try to make the best of bad facts. Our president just flat out denies the facts even when there is video proof. He has a media outlet to back up his lies. If I only watched Fox, I would think he is a “very stable genius.”

All presidents stretch the truth, the same independent fact-checkers I referred to in my last letter found that president Obama used misleading statements 26% of the time. I know how much our president likes to break records but using misleading statements 66% of the time is not something anyone should be proud of. The last time I checked lying is somewhere in those Ten Commandments.

This has become personal to me. My son is a fireman in the City of Denver, he just administered CPR to an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 and my wife has been a respiratory therapist for the past 40 years at our hospital and she will be exposed to it every day.

Our president knew about the severity of this virus since January and he did nothing but deny it until two weeks ago. Remember “fake news” “it’s a Democratic hoax” How many times will you believe his lies? What will it take for his followers to see the light? Maybe it will take a friend or family member to die from this virus to wake them up. Our president has bragged he can kill someone and he wouldn’t lose a single follower. Think about it, he’s literally saying his supporters are either morally bankrupt or so manipulated he can do absolutely anything with no consequences. Who knows how many deaths will be caused by his incompetence and arrogance.


Dean Barbeau