Dear Editor,

An Associated Press (article), stated: “Michigan auto insurance to be lowered.” Governor Whitmer followed with: “legislation will provide real savings to Michigan drivers.” Really! Sorry folks, but you need to have Medicare or a separate health insurance to qualify.

So who is behind Michigan’s highest auto insurance in this country? The Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault. A group of health care providers, lawyers, plaintiffs. Mostly the MCCA, Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. They are controlled by the insurance industry in Michigan and they have no government oversight. Now they are looking for a public relations win.

One option to get out from under Michigan crazy auto insurance rates is to move to Wisconsin.

Factors that determine your cost for auto insurance are, credit scores, age, residency, where you live in Michigan, your driving record. You can pay $900 for no proof of insurance, expired registration on your vehicle.


Patrick Kennedy