Dear Editor,

John Nygren’s response to my recent letter fails the smell test in a number of areas. While I hate to add to his trove of disappointments, I suspect this will disappoint him as well.

Nygren claims that he wants to talk to his constituents, but the stark reality is that he blocks those that don’t agree with him and prevents them from communicating with him. He uses the trite buzz words of saying they weren’t “respectful” enough or their communication wasn’t “productive” enough. Keep in mind that these are all very subjective evaluations which we have no way of verifying. Instead, we see politicians using these justifications for not responding as an excuse for not communicating. The reality is that if they don’t like what you have to say they invent excuses for not doing so.

It also seems like it should be beneath a politician on the level of Nygren to label those who he doesn’t agree with by using derogatory labels such as “liberal,” when it is his sworn duty to serve all the members of his district and Wisconsin as a whole. Does he show the same disdain for so-called “conservative” groups like Wisconsin Conservative Coalition or Right Wisconsin? I’m betting strongly that he does not. Nygren should treat all his constituents equally and stop pretending his does so.

Also, Nygren should refrain from trying to take credit for things for which he has no proof. He recently implied that Governor Tony Evers included the $31 million allowance in his budget for Marinette Marine due to his influence. There is no proof of this of course. The reality is that many people met with Gov. Evers over this matter.


Michael Poquette