Dear Editor,

This is a rebuttal to Jeremy Kuehnau’s response to my letter addressing reasons for low-performance results from students. Let the results speak for themselves.

He is 100% wrong in “what employees do on their own time off the clock is no one’s business.” Going to work after drinking or drug use, the residual effects of the substances are still in their system, even if not visibly discernible, and can create liabilities to coworkers, company, patients if their judgment and reflexes are compromised. From casual to professional employees, random drug testing is imperative.

He also says religion has no place in schools. Daily prayer and Pledge of Allegiance were major factors to the strength and morality of our country. When Democrats eliminated it in the schools, the moral fiber of the country began to disintegrate, intentionally. The laws of our country are based on the 10 Commandments.

Kuehnau feels sexual education is essential in schools. It’s one of many responsibilities that parents shirk in their parenting — to educate their own child when the child is ready and to the age-appropriate extent. Public schools take sex ed to perverted levels of immorality. Another form of child abuse.

Kuehnau finds no fault with the United Nations. For four decades, the U.N. has backed and provided weapons to the PLO and other militant groups and is working toward global government, with Islam as the global religion.

Kuehnau feels Planned Parenthood has helped so many. He’s misinformed. They’re the biggest abortion providers ever and preys on the poor, desperate and young females. It sure hasn’t been helpful to over 30 million innocent souls. Many contraceptives are available for responsible people. Watch the documentary “Unplanned.”

The brainwashing issue: Occurring in schools at least 30 plus years. Rewriting history to indicate many falsehoods, including the first Thanksgiving and relations between Pilgrims and Indians; changing and eliminating facts about the founding fathers, their contributions and quotes; and trying to establish our founding to be 1617 (the year the slaves were brought here).

Now schools are scaring students into believing the planet will destruct soon because of the Democrats’ climate change hoax, fearing their lives will be cut short. Emotional child abuse. Since its creation, the planet has been in constant change, as everything is; animals, plants, birds and sea life were created, and over eons of time, became extinct, and other species replaced them. The Great Lakes were formed by glaciers during the Ice Age, also receding for eons. During all these changes, there were no populations to cause them, and no Democrats to blame it on manmade “climate change.” The planet will live on, despite the U.N., demented Democrats and teachers’ unions.


Linda Gould