Dear Editor,

Norman Mattoon Thomas (1884 to 1968), an American Presbyterian pastor, achieved fame as a socialist, and six-time presidential candidate (Socialist Party), stated: “The American people would never knowingly accept socialism, but under the name liberalism, will adopt every fragment of it, until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened”; further, “I no longer need to run, as the Democrat Party has adopted the socialist agenda.”

Today, there is a very fine line between socialism and communism, that is quickly vanishing. Bernie Sanders is definitely a communist, but if he claimed that word, he would not be electable. “Socialism” doesn’t sound so dangerous.

Ms. Grandquist claims the U.S. needs national healthcare, and cites other countries so-called success with it, but fails to address the fact their tax rates vary from 70% to 90% for their watered-down healthcare. Her letter is verification that she goes to information from ultra-liberal propaganda sources that tells her what she wants to hear. Your party is not the same as your younger years.

About Trump’s travel to Mar-a-Largo: When first elected he said he wanted to use his own plane while in office, also; the Secret Service said oh, no he won’t. Pelosi was having military planes haul her family back and forth from California at taxpayers’ expense and Michelle Obama took 42 of her friends to Spain for 2-week vacation at taxpayers’ expense (both of which was dis covered by Judicial Watch, largest non-partisan political watchdog group).

Ms. Grandquist alleges Trump was putting illegals’ children in cages separating them from families. This propaganda was the brainchild of the squad of four (AOC, Ilhan Omar and two other Muslim radicals) with anti-American missions. Long ago I had neighbors from Latvia, who came here with their parents in the mid-1930s.

They related that, as children, had six-month separation from their parents, which was normal for legal immigrants for quite some time — without feeling diminished, and certainly not caged then or now. That’s blown-up politicizing by squad of four. The Dems want to make everyone poor, eliminating middle class and raising taxes.

Glenn Cody’s letter of April 1 is also full of misquotes of Trump’s statements and plain unsubstantiated elementary whining — not worthy of further comment.


Linda Gould