Dear Editor,

Bill Clinton was impeached for illicit activity and lying about it. His trial lasted five weeks. Multiple witnesses were called.

The Clinton’s Whitewater deal was “investigated” for four years. Ken Starr, now on Trump’s defense team, spent over 50 million. No “smoking gun” or criminal activity was found.

The Clinton’s were “investigated” on accusations of misusing the White House Christmas list. A few million wasted.

Hillary Clinton was “investigated” six times for the Benghazi tragedy, millions were spent. Although mistakes were made by security forces, no culpability was found. Ambassador Stevens had been advised to return to Tripoli because of impending threats. He chose not to, unfortunately with a tragic outcome.

Barack Obama’s administration was witch-hunted by Republicans for eight years, no wrongdoing was found.

They pretended none of the above was partisan.

The shoe is on the other foot. Now, when an actual crime has been committed, withholding Congressionally appropriated funds from a foreign government by the president for personal gain, they call it a partisan “witch hunt,” a hoax. Even in the face of guilt, the attitude is “so what.” Kind of like “we’re so superior to everyone else laws don’t apply to us.”

The Constitution says no involvement in elections by foreign powers. Doesn’t mean we can’t do it, eh? What abuse of power, cover-up(s), or payoffs? Multiple violations of the “phony”(Trump said) Emoluments Clause of the Constitution are closeted. Again, who cares? “Oh gee, that’s not important, violating the Constitution only applies to the other guy.” It’s always them, not me.” Accountability to Constitutional Checks and Balances is considered unfair persecution by enemies. Indicators of character; empathy, guilt, remorse, acceptance of responsibility, are not evident. To be guided by conscience it is necessary to have one.

“We can’t allow witnesses.” Why not, what’s to hide? “Don’t confuse us with facts, our minds are made up.” Acquittal is a foregone conclusion. Sounds like a kangaroo or imperial court, not democracy, especially when those taking an oath, “under God,” to be impartial brag they’ll ignore it. That is perjury. Guess some self-righteous Congress people, wearing religion on their shoulder, don’t feel bound by oaths sworn to the almighty if it isn’t convenient. It’s called hypocrisy. 

Sidebar: Is the horror of confiscating infants and toddlers from their parents’ arms, then caging them, an act of Real America, Christian Charity, or Shameless Cruelty of unelected Presidentially appointed bureaucrats.

He said; “suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14. Who do we represent?

Tearing down walls shows strength (Reagan). Building walls signals insecurity and weakness. 


David Larson