Dear Editor,

I am having a hard time figuring out Marinette County and the city. The county bails on supporting the Twin City Airport, which they both greatly benefit from in many ways. Neither one seems concerned about the water pollution problems the Town of Peshtigo (Marinette County) taxpayers are having from PFAS. There also is the mine that will be built upstream on the river. Do they think that ignoring these two items is a smart move?

The county was contracting with the city for tourism promotion. Now the county decided to hire their own full-time person for tourism promotion as the city no longer has much money to promote themselves they say. Does it seem the county was providing most of the funding to promote the city?

The county has decided to hire its own community development person. The county isn’t a community besides the group Inventure North already doing local community development. It seems logical to use a local organization at least for starters doesn’t it? How long will it take the county to hire someone? How long until this person is actually producing?

For seven years, the county sheriff has been lobbying for but not budgeting or saving for an expensive assault vehicle. The county board did not get suckered into buying one instead they waited for the city to decide to buy one which seemed smart on their part. Then in a complete reversal, the county board decides to not even buy the vehicle with the city but instead to buy a well-used one themselves. Nothing in the budget for the purchase, operation, maintenance, training or heated storage. Crazy?

The landfill supervisor, now county administrator, started on his own remodeling the old falling apart jail spending lots of money that was not a part of the regular budgeting process without the benefit of any feasibility study to determine if it made sense or not. The city had done a study and passed on the opportunity to be a tenant. Now the rest of the remodeling (millions of additional dollars) is in the budget along with a lot of money for a green roof. No solution to the parking problems that will get worse with more people working downtown. Perhaps the old jail should have been torn down and a new addition put on the current jail? Again no feasibility studies were done.

These are just some of the bigger concerns we voting taxpayers should have. Sadly there are very few contested races for offices in the county. Are the amounts paid to our representatives and/or the time of the meetings the problem with getting better quality representatives?


Pete Pfankuch

Marinette County