Dear Editor, 

A Letter to the Editor of the EagleHerald published in the Tuesday, Aug. 27, edition from A. Piontek of Mellen Township, while stating some of the items of the Aug. 21, Mellen Township Board meeting, incorrectly stated some comments that I feel must be corrected. As Township Supervisor I reported to the people in attendance the following:

■ Mellen Township was not contacted by Aquila Resources in regards to a Community Contract, and was not invited to a meeting between Aquila and municipalities directly impacted by the proposed mine.

■ Mellen Township was contacted by a grant writer employed by Aquila Resources who offered his services to Mellen Township as part of Aquila’s Community Outreach Program. Mellen Township thanked this writer and Aquila for the offer but declined the services, as Mellen Township already has in-house grant writers, and have access to other grant writers through our membership in the Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Group. (CUPPAD)

■ The Mellen Township Board did notify the people present that if the township was approached in the future about any issues regarding the mine which would affect the township, it would be addressed at an open Township Board meeting and posted as such.

Hopefully, this will help to clarify what was said and done at this meeting, and as always we invite all our residents and neighbors to our monthly meetings, held the third Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Township Hall in Wallace.


Thomas Philipps, Supervisor

Mellen Township