Dear Editor,

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Marinette County (and its supervisors) aren’t holding some sort of biased grudge against legalized cannabis.

For every argument I have read against cannabis, the same could be said for alcohol. Anyone living in Menominee or Marinette knows that between the two cities, we are drowning in local taverns and bars.

I grew up in the area and I recall it being ridiculously easy to buy alcohol, even while I was in school. Even now I rarely, if ever, get carded. Ever since this debate has been brought up, protecting the youth of Marinette has been one of their largest talking points. I feel this is simply a form of manipulation used to push an agenda. Otherwise, why aren’t we already a dry county?

I’d like to argue a counter point to some of the ones brought up in the May 29 edition of the paper.

Current research shows there are no safe levels of alcohol use during pregnancy. Even minute amounts can affect a fetus negatively

Alcohol is considered a teratogen; it’s harmful to human development. When imbibing, so does the fetus.

Excessive use of alcohol can lead to underdevelopment of almost all active aspects of a fetus. This can also lead to fetal alcohol syndrome.

The earlier a person starts drinking, the greater the risk of stunted development, including memory and learning problems.

Psychotic disorders and impairment can be caused by alcohol abuse. This can include hallucinations, delusions, aggression, impaired consciousness, amnesia and more.

All drugs can be considered a gateway drug, all drugs have the capacity to be addictive. This is largely dependent on the age of the individual and use.

(Corporation Counsel Gale) Mattison claims the resolution should be based on facts, not anecdotal experiences. And yet in the same article (Supervisor Don) Pazynski makes an attempt at connecting cannabis use to depression and suicide.

Ironically, there are multiple studies online that suggest the opposite; a decline in stress, anxiety and depression. This of course depends on the age, frequency of use and other factors.

Pazynski states they don’t want to disrespect friends or constituents by voting in favor of legalized cannabis. Does that mean everyone elses’ wishes don’t matter?

How about instead of making decisions for us, you allow us to make the decision for ourselves? Put it up on the next ballot and let the citizens decide.

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Jeremy Kuehnau