Dear Editor,

During this difficult time with COVID-19, racial injustices, lack of work hours and much more; it is a gift to receive a thank you text message from someone that was assisted by your local Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

She has signed a release. She has the lived experience of being assisted by the Society of St Vincent de Paul. She knows the importance of our work to serve those in need in our community. She is aware that throughout the world, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is helping the vulnerable, the needy, the unemployed, the homeless, the re-entry citizens — all the world’s marginalized due to poverty, race, gender or ethnicity. Please reflect on an excerpt from her text and soon to be released video message:

“Honestly, you all have been a link to the Lord that has helped us in so many ways. I don’t go to church very much, but I am thankful for you all by our side. You pray for people like us (and treat us respectfully, never looking down on us or making us feel ashamed). And truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t have anyone praying on our side, or wishing healthy things on our end. You are true messengers from God and I hope you never give up your little willingness (to serve). Sometimes we forget about God, but you all prove that he is here every step of the way. So, thank you for all of you that truly believe.”

If you have been thinking about what to do with a portion of your $1,200 CARES Act Stimulus, please consider donating to your local Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conferences that serve those marginalized and needy in their respective communities in Niagara-Pembine, Oconto, Menominee, Marinette, Amberg-Wausaukee-Crivitz or to the SVdP Marinette District Pantry. John 21:15-25 — Feed my lambs. Tend my sheep. Feed my sheep.


Jeanne Harper

St. Joseph Conference secretary