Dear Editor,

We believe every family should be in a position to enjoy a holiday meal. St. Vincent de Paul food pantry in Marinette is grateful to the Yoga Loft in Marinette for its generous donation of 40 pounds of butter this past holiday season. As a result of this donation, the food pantry was able to provide butter in addition to other holiday foods like ham, potatoes and gravy. Butter is a kitchen essential for many — especially when preparing a holiday meal.

Mashed potatoes without butter seem a little too lean to be festive. At about $3 a pound, butter is a luxury for people who live paycheck to paycheck. We are grateful to the generous students who donated toward this cause at a yoga class held specifically to raise money for a charitable cause. Acts of generosity like this one and a readiness to help makes our community special in more ways than one.


Kalyani Grasso

Executive director of St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marinette