Dear Editor,

Never before have I submitted a letter to the editor, much less an endorsement for a political candidate. That is until I found myself frightened and unable to drink the water coming from my faucet.

If you, like me, are concerned about the safety of your drinking water, the overall viability of your community, its property values and its public health then please cast your vote for Doug Oitzinger in Marinette’s 3rd Ward for alderman. I have worked closely with Doug for over two years on the PFAS contamination crisis facing our community. Doug is unique because he lives outside the most impacted area, yet he has stepped up as one of our most impactful leaders in the PFAS battle. His efforts to educate the public through large public presentations, his research and knowledge on this topic and his public testimony at both the state level in Madison and local monthly DNR listening sessions have been invaluable. His efforts are sincere, impactful and critical to the overall safety and well being of you and me.

It’s leadership like Doug’s that is critically needed at this time, leadership that steps up and doesn’t passively sit at the sideline until it is politically prudent, leadership that educates the public, leadership that doesn’t back down or overlook big business propaganda but calls out corporate greed and lies.

There is no time more critical for our community, please vote for Doug Oitzinger 3rd Ward alderman, he will work tirelessly for your safety, for truth and for transparency.


Cindy Boyle

Town of Peshtigo