Dear Editor,

The latest proposed area will cover approximately 1,080 acres based on the latest model submitted by Aquila. To put this in context, 24 John Henes Parks, which occupies 45 acres, this will be catastrophic to our woodlands, woodland creatures, aquatic dependent life, water fowl, etc. Imagine leveling a naturally beautiful area like Henes Park (multiplied by 24 times) for the sake of quick money via sulfide mining. For those who are from the area, or have had the pleasant opportunity to visit the park, a great experience, as is beautiful Shakey Lakes Park.

Clean air will be compromised if mining activities take place, including preconstruction and road work. Particulates and chemical emissions will hang in the atmosphere until brought down by larger particulates or rain/snow. This type of fallout will be in the form of acid created by various sulfide mining operations. Marinette can and will experience this type of fall out as the winds often come from that direction.

You must realize we are all at risk, so we the stewards of our environment must come together and stop this hazardous venture. Contact your representatives and those running for local and state offices in Menominee, Marinette, Peshtigo and surrounding areas.

Please be proactive, not reactive. Search Coalition to Save the Menominee River for updates and information.


Warren McKenney