Dear Editor,

It seems almost daily we read about money allocated for pollution clean-ups; most for our waters. Extended funding for our Great Lakes. Which is great. Then why are we not putting such effort to try and stop our greatest threat thus far to our waters before it happens? I am speaking about the proposed sulfide mine, Back Forty project. Not to be confused with the iron mine near Iron Mountain, these two are different beasts. Time and again, you hear representatives talk about the need for clean water, yet do the opposite and support this mine and for one reason, dollar signs.

I don’t think of myself as a tree hugger, just someone who has been spoiled with the benefits of clean air and water, as is all of our right. I took the Menominee River for granted until now. This cannot be a “wait and see” matter. The damage would be irreversible, like the agreement Aquila is trying to make with board members of various areas. I hear, irreversible. Let that sink in. They want complete control over our futures and we have no say. What a deal. I hope these people that have been approached take Mellen Township’s lead and send them packing. You know by now that the majority does not want this mine. We and our rights are not for sale. You cannot make a deal with the devil and expect to come out on top. You are the voice of the people. No deal.


Terry Tanguay