Dear Editor,

Is the Republican Party a credible national party?

I never thought I would ask this question. I ask it not because of differing approaches caused by a lack of a clear factual basis yet to be established. For example, climate change was in dispute several years because a clear factual basis was still being developed. The scientific evidence is now clearly established as is the human factor. When the history of the founding and preservation of this country as it exists today is ignored or denied by over half of a party, the credibility of the party is destroyed. This was the case when over half of the Republican Party claimed that Donald Trump was a greater president than Abraham Lincoln as found in a recent national poll. President Lincoln was responsible for abolishing slavery, preventing this nation from splitting into two separate countries, showing compassion to others and showing respect for those that disagreed with him. Trump has done none of these things in my opinion.

It seems to me what Trump has done was tolerate a lot of corruption, displayed dishonesty with the public via distortion, denial of evidence, showed autocratic tendencies, supported cruel and abusive policies toward Hispanic immigrants in particular and undercut the very basic institutions of our government.


Gilbert Engel