Dear Editor,

Once again Mr. (Tony) Graff and the city council are proposing a change to automated garbage pick-up in Menominee. I am again writing to oppose this change.

As a senior citizen, I am probably not alone in feeling anxiety at the prospect of having to move and store a 90-gallon rolling cart. If the past two winters have taught us nothing else it should be the fact that automated pick-up is not a viable option for this area of the country. Think of how your street, trees and lawn have been buried in snow — and how the street narrows as the winter progresses. Now consider where these carts would be placed for pick-up and how that placement may also impact on-street daytime parking and snow plowing.

The “carrot” the city is offering is the option of curbside recycling — however, we only need to look across the river to see how Marinette has offered this option for years without using the rolling carts and automated pick-up. I vehemently oppose the city changing to a system that would be hazardous for senior citizens and others with mobility issues. Think of the ice-covered pavement people would have to navigate to move those carts — not to mention finding a place to store them on your snow-covered lot. Again — as a senior citizen — I see this as one more potential road block to being able to remain living independently in my own home in years to come.

If you share any of my concerns about this change, please contact (city manager) Mr. Graff or your city council member. Since I was the only person speaking against this at the last council meeting I don’t want them to think I’m alone in opposition to this proposal.


Mary Nemetz