Dear Editor

A man made promises that the people wanted to believe; told the people whatever they wanted to hear. Read the bible, built roads, helped the homeless, donated hospitals. He had his followers and those that didn’t follow him arrested or eliminated. For years he ruled as supreme commander with lies and threats, demanding complete loyalty from the perfect supreme race of blond hair, blue-eyed citizens. Some say he was a great and generous man. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ― Adolf Hitler.

The parallels are eerie to 1933. The similarities with the current administration are mirroring the fascist regimes of the past. History is repeating itself. We have not learned from the past as we should have.

Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes said, “I don’t think Trump’s cruelty is coincidental to his appeal. His bigotry, his racism, his meanness — that is why people like him. I think that is the core of his appeal for a certain part of the public.” That statement appears to be true of Trump’s base core cult. Facts, figures, video with Trump’s own words are not going to change that group’s minds. The majority of citizens care deeply for this country and are greater than those narrow minds thank goodness.

The pandemic will pass, the economy will improve — that’s history also. This administration’s policy track record is not that impressive (don’t write me, just check the numbers). This is a dangerous and unpredictable man. Don’t oppose him or you will be called names and banished for telling the truth. We need a decisive leader to get us through these horrific times. We need someone who will put the people first and not his campaign and the spotlight. Someone that will give us the facts, not inflated misleading information. Tired of hearing that everyone was out to get Donald Trump from day one. He is responsible for his actions and behavior, don’t keep making excuses for this narcissist manipulator bully.

You wanted hope and change, reality is giving you nothing but hype, lies and distractions. Remember that when the president gives his “I saved” and “I cured the country” speech, it will not be him that saved the country. It will be an entire nation pulling together, taking action on their own, helping one and another, making sacrifices, keeping their distance and mourning a lost loved one from afar.

No one asked what party you belong to or how much money you have — they were just there to help, to lend their support in whatever way they could — we were one. Thank you all for pitching in, you are appreciated. Go team USA


Ginger Shallow