Dear Editor, 

After reading the letter from Chantae Lessard for Aquila, I had to respond. I have to admit, I had to double check, I thought I was in the comic section, but nope. 

I find it ironic the first sentence she says, “the law is clear.” The law was also clear in Wisconsin when they had the “Prove it First” law. Remember that one? It no longer exists, and why is that? If there are rules, regulations or laws seems too stringent, a few hand shakes later, they are rewritten or gone altogether. I thought David Copperfield was the only one who could make things disappear that fast.

Then you say the Lake Township board has a moral obligation to follow the rules. Are you for real? They have a moral obligation to the residents of their township, which you apparently do not. Their obligation is to ensure its residents of clean, usable water and air. As far as I’m concerned, the only truth that Aquila has stated is they could not guarantee no pollution would occur. As leas you admit to that, but that’s all I need to know: no safe mining, means no mine. 

Thank you.


Terri Tanguay