Dear Editor,

It is not surprising to those who follow politics that opponents sometimes engage in distasteful and personal attacks. They usually do this when they feel threatened and use these attacks to distract from the real issues that face our community.

A recent “letter to the editor” which was published in the Peshtigo Times, is an example of such an attack. Sometimes the people who engage in these personal attacks have their own personal beef but in reality, are the unwitting pawn of the opposing candidate. I believe that is what has happened in this case. The letter included personal attacks mixed with political arguments, as well as many untruths.

When it comes to my personal life, I’m a very private person. I’ve been that way throughout most of my career. As a law enforcement officer, it was a necessity. Throughout my career, I strived to treat people fairly and with respect but as a law enforcement officer I sometimes made decisions that were not popular or believe many of us who look at our book of life wish we could rewrite a chapter or two. I think most of us have had our ups and downs, but I don’t believe the downs define who we are today.

If you read or hear negative comments, all I ask is that you consider the source and look to the motivation of those who initiated this personal attack. As a person who values my reputation, I will not tolerate anyone that bullies, intimidates or abuses their authority and power entrusted to them by the Citizens of Peshtigo. The Citizens of Peshtigo and their employees should not put up with it either. You deserve more.

Throughout my official careers both in federal, state and local employment I fulfilled my oath of

office(s) dutifully and loyally. As your public servant, I will do the same. I believe you, the Citizens of Peshtigo, deserve leadership that focusses on the issues that affect your lives. There are matters of great importance that directly affect your quality of life. I am taking this campaign seriously and pledge that I will

I encourage you, the Citizens of Peshtigo to contact me at 920-737-5374 if you have any questions. My door is always open, free of judgment and intimidation.

Thank you all for the reassuring messages and calls of support and want you to know that together,

Hang in there, I am, we’ve got work to do!


Tony O’Neill