Dear Editor,

Merry Christmas, said the Aquila Resources radio ad. But the only thing they left us in their stocking is fool’s gold. Let’s not be the fool in their stocking. If allowed to dig the Back Forty Mine, Aquila would destroy the watershed with acid mine drainage — a byproduct of mineral extraction. Shakey Lakes — the crown jewel of Lake Township — would be one of the first casualties of the mine. This popular county park would be decimated by air, water and noise pollution. Acid mine drainage — similar to battery acid — would seep into wetlands and ruin downstream wells.

Aquila’s discharge would degrade the Menominee River and the bay of Green Bay. The effects on tourism in Menominee and Marinette counties would be devastating — far greater than the benefits of some short-term jobs. All for the sake of metals that should be recycled and re-purposed rather than extracted so close to the water supply for so many.

Aquila, a foreign company, seeks an agreement with the Menominee County Road Commission. In order to have River Road abandoned at the mine site for the duration of mining, Aquila is offering to pay royalties for minerals underneath the road. Menominee County, which approved a resolution opposing the mine, owns those mineral rights. Put yourself in the shoes of residents near the mine site. Not only would they be subjected to air, noise and water pollution, but their through street, River Road, would become a cul de sac. And don’t believe Aquila’s propaganda that the proposed mine is a done deal. Aquila faces numerous hurdles, including legal battles, before ever digging its proposed 750-foot pit.

Aquila told its clueless investors that it would meet minimal resistance in this area. But make no mistake — we won’t stop the fight until they leave. They don’t have social acceptance so they’re trying to bribe their way into the community with money and shady under-the-table deals. Tell these morally bankrupt spin doctors to go back to Canada.


Jody Korch

Town of Wagner