Dear Editor,

It is amazing how many strange things are done by the local governments and the folks in charge, both elected and management employees. Marinette County has the administrator shuffling the oversight of departments around (adding full-time positions) while he is remodeling the old jail with a lot of taxpayer dollars. He’s building a “green” roof on the old building to help eliminate concern for not having enough surface parking in the area. The wealthy counties and businesses don’t even do things like this. The lack of adequate parking will continue to be a problem with or without the “green” roof.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with how the departments were set up in the past. It has worked well for many years. The sheriff is getting more officers as “recreation officers.” The Peshtigo mayor fires an over-worked parks and recreation manager. I’ll guess that he was not very well paid for all the hours he spent trying to please all the people all the time. One city needs an attorney and no one applied for the position. I think they are having the same problem attracting an engineer.

The relatively new person that Marinette employs to promote the city and they have subcontracted to also promote Marinette County seems to be struggling with just keeping the county tourism website working and up to date. Going to meetings telling people what you want to do while not doing much beside renting some expensive billboards and sending out junk, I mean promotional mail, is not promoting the area. People don’t read unsolicited mail.

Marinette’s new Community REC Center isn’t drawing many people into the area or to it either. The water quality in rural Peshtigo is a problem. There are water treatment systems on ditches. The biggest customer for sewer in Peshtigo is building its own recycling system for their needs. Budget problems may be coming. The Back 40 Mine looks like it is really going to happen. No telling what or when the fallout from the mining might be. The government is allowing this to happen so the government needs fixing, not the people wanting to build a mine and make money.

The airport’s biggest moneymaker is selling fuel. That does not seem like a solid business model for an airport maybe if it was a gas station that would be a good method. A couple of communities are considering changing how they handle trash pickup, which may increase the cost to everyone and not improve systems that work already.

The paper limits letters to 450 words, so I’m going to have to stop with my summary for things that need your attention.


Pete Pfankuch

Marinette County