Dear Editor,

Unfortunately, in communities around the country dangerous situations occur that could have been prevented. Ok2Say (855-565-2729) is a Michigan statewide safety program that allows students to confidentially report tips about harmful activities. By reporting to Ok2Say, information can be shared with numerous statewide and local resources to investigate and address the issue. In many incidents within the school setting, someone other than the perpetrator of violence knows it’s going to occur but chooses not to say anything. Ok2Say is one way for students to speak out without any fear of retaliation.

Knowledge is the key in addressing any issue. Menominee Junior and Senior High School utilizes bullying report forms at the local level for students to be able to get information immediately to administrators or the school liaison officer. Students also are encouraged to communicate with the nearest adult anytime they have a problem.

Several proactive steps have been taken to teach students about harmful situations. Menominee Jr/Sr High has developed a mentorship program that pairs selected older high school students with identified students from the junior high to establish bonds and to create a way for struggling students to ask questions and learn behaviors from an older peer in a controlled environment. The high school Action Troupe Club recently created skits to share with younger students depicting bullying situations and what to do when it happens.

On April 5, 2019, Keith Deltano, a nationwide speaker, was brought in to share his passion about steps to combat bullying. Deltano combined his high intensity with a robust sense humor to entertain while pounding out his online anti-bullying message to all students. Keith’s website at is a great resource for students, parents and schools.

If you see something, say something. Whether it’s online or in person.


Mike Sweet

Menominee Junior and Senior High School principle