Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of Marinette County for 34 years (32 years in the Town of Peshtigo and now for two years in the Town of Porterfield). We moved here because of the wonderful water resources in this area and the friendly people who live here. We raised our family in the now identified PFAS contamination plume on Shore Drive. We had no idea a multi-billion dollar company was polluting our groundwater, the ditch through our property and the bay. We now live in the Town of Porterfield where the same multi-billion dollar company has been spreading biosolids for years. When I heard this company was setting aside $140 million to deal with this problem, I immediately wondered how much of that money would go to local and corporate lawyers working to negate and contain this problem.

Clean water is literally life to us and to those who come after us. I cannot hire lawyers to hold this multi-billion dollar company accountable. I must rely on my elected officials who have taken oaths of office to represent me. Our township, county, state and federal officials are responsible for holding this multi-billion company accountable through the Wisconsin DNR. However, the DNR needs to have pollution standards set by law, as well as the resources and finances to protect the innocent, which are the residents of the Town of Peshtigo and the Town of Porterfield.

Our local town boards, our county board and our legislators should be our greatest advocates for remediating this pollution. I ask that you step out to tell our elected officials that we have a problem and it needs to be remediated as best it can. This multi-billion dollar company who has violated our property, our health and our lives needs to be held responsible.

One voice (or vote) will not be heard, but many will. And please remember clean water and the Clear Water Act is not about partisanship, but about clean water. Let us hold our elected officials accountable for protecting our rights and literally our lives.


Bill Verschay