Dear Editor,

In times of extreme distress people have two choices: To be leaders and do well or to assume the position of pointing fingers and placing blame. The latter only causes more chaos. During this pandemic, we have seen both sides and unfortunately some of the negative has been created by our leaders right here in the 108. I would like to shine a positive spotlight on the amazing leaders that are making a difference in our communities. One thing we do well in the district is to put aside the negative and get back to the fundamentals of being a community.

I am proud to call the people of the 108 my neighbors. Neighbors that are making face masks for healthcare workers and others in the community. Organizations like churches that are opening their facilities for blood drives and services for families in need; schools and volunteers providing boxes of food. Essential workers putting themselves in harm’s way to keep our economy moving, making the appropriate products that are being manufactured and delivered; healthcare workers keeping our loved ones safe and healthy and administering the appropriate treatment. Businesses looking out for our students that may be going hungry by providing free lunches. Our teachers transitioning to make sure students get their continued education online. Grocers and gas stations making sure we have necessities and their staff for making sure things are being sanitized and cleaned for everyone’s safety.

Most importantly we see leaders all around us. They are the folks practicing social distancing, abiding by the stay at home order, wearing masks when in public and washing and sanitizing hands. Doing some of these seemingly simple things will help to prevent the spread of the virus.

Upon closing, I would like to share an event that happened this weekend-it shows the 108’s pride in the U.P. A nursing facility in the northern part of the U.P. ran out of facemasks. The good people from the 108th stepped up and masks were delivered there and to other places of need so that our neighbors could remain safe while working as essential workers. Hand sewn masks, gloves and N95 masks that our community had in their homes were gathered and delivered to places of need.

Thank you for stepping up 108, you are the true leaders!

We are U.P. Strong. We are hardy and resilient. We are the leaders of the 108. Our positive leadership will keep us unified.


Renee Richer

Candidate for Michigan’s 108th District