Dear Editor,

As a senior that has had Medicare Advantage for years, I’m happy to see that it’s one of the few issues not getting caught up in the endless partisan battles taking place in Washington. A huge majority of seniors like me love our Medicare Advantage plan, so it’s no wonder politicians from both sides of the aisle have united behind this important program that provides healthcare coverage to us.

Medicare Advantage offers me more choices than traditional Medicare. As an affordable option for vision, dental, fitness programs and preventative care, in addition to covering things like doctor and hospital visits, Medicare Advantage allows me to focus on staying healthy. My Advantage plan also ensures that fixed-income seniors like me have an out-of-pocket max, so we can budget for our healthcare.

As the campaign season heats up, I hope members of Congress will continue to focus their partisan arguments on other issues and continue to back this important healthcare option for us seniors.


Gerald Wrench