Dear Editor,

Around three years ago I approached members from the Menominee Area Arts Council with my wish to see lighthouses beautifying our lovely city. I had given up hope of this happening until I was contacted this year and asked if I would like to join a committee to see this project come into fruition. I have had the pleasure of working with the most wonderful committee comprised of Sandy Kuber, Becky McGuire, Pat Johnson and Bill Jones.

After many months of planning, the day arrived when my wish became reality and I did a happy dance all day when each and every one of the 23 unbelievable lighthouses were lovingly placed in their designated locations. Kudos to Dave and Tim, employees of the City of Menominee, that were so helpful and had such positive attitudes while using their muscle power the entire day. Thank you also to our City Manager, Tony Graff, for helping us get this project on the streets of Menominee.

I will not name the builders or artists in this letter because they are all mentioned in the locater map which is located in the former bank building at 962 1st Street. I know the builders and artists spent many hours working on their lighthouse and put their hearts into creating the wonderful lighthouses we are all enjoying. A very special thank you to all of those individuals for their time and talents. You are appreciated.

When you pick up your locator map, please check out the silent auction items from the Lighthouse Challenge inside the former Wells Fargo Bank. The 5-foot outside lighthouses and the multi-media artwork, created by local and out-of-state artists, will all be included in the silent auction which runs from June 3 to July 26. The MAAC scholarships will benefit from this project.

Have fun finding these treasures, making it a game to find all 23.

P.S. Did you know each lighthouse has a different solar light on top? How fun is that?


Jeanne Anderson