Dear Editor,

I would like to thank our local police departments — Marinette, Menominee and Peshtigo police departments and Marinette County and Menominee County sheriff’s departments. They are serving the citizens of our area every day so that we can feel safe at home and in the community.

Amid all the negative publicity police are receiving, it is important that we recognize all the good police. Their numbers far surpass the number of bad police like those who were involved in the George Floyd death. There is no question that what that police officer did to Floyd is abhorrent and has no place in our society. This evil act has led some cities to begin discussions that police departments must be defunded or dismantled. Many media outlets have jumped into the discussion in support of this plan to dismantle police departments across the country.

There is no doubt that police departments in some of our cities need reform. Some individuals within departments have shown examples of oppressive actions against minorities. Some of these departments undoubtedly have some racist police personnel. However, I believe these numbers are far lower than what the protesters and media are portraying.

I have some real concerns with some of the peaceful protesters we have seen on our TV screens over the past weeks. They demand that police show humanity in their treatment of citizens while at the same time they shout obscenities and spit in the faces of police officers assigned to maintain order during the protests.

We should all thank the police for what they do for our communities across the country. I cannot imagine what will happen if cities choose to dismantle their police departments. The riots and looting that we witnessed on our news reports in recent weeks will likely become a regular occurrence. The lives of all citizens will be in jeopardy.

Thank you to our local police officers for all you do for us.


George Hayes