Dear Editor, 

When I read a story this week that the Boston school system was providing $50 savings accounts for every kindergartner in that city, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Through the newly-established Future Fund at the M&M Area Community Foundation, every kindergartner in Marinette and Menominee counties is going to benefit from a similar program, and our Community Foundation is among those leading the nation in this effort.

The Future Fund is about hope. It isn’t about $50 or about what compound interest will be after 12 years of school, it is about the possibilities that having a savings account affords. Hope is priceless. Fantasizing about what you want to be when you grow up is an important exercise for a child. Making sure that children know that they have value is what this is about. It is an opportunity for every child to feel valued, learn about financial literacy and dream of what tomorrow will bring and how they can give back to the community that supported them.

I am proud to be a part of a community that recognizes the importance of our children’s futures. KKIL (K K Integrated Logistics) has set a very high bar this week by committing to fund the first five years of savings accounts for every kindergartner in Marinette and Menominee counties. Let’s make KKIL’s amazing gift to the Future Fund just the first of many new investments in our region’s youth.

We have so much to celebrate as a community. Now is the time, with momentum on our side, to dream big. What do you want our community to look like when the kids enrolled in kindergarten today graduate in 2032? I can think of dozens of things. I’d like to see bike paths from Harris Township to Peshtigo to Goodman. I would like to see thriving downtowns throughout the counties. We can do it if we all work toward some shared goals. The Future Fund is one giant step toward a more vibrant community.


Kim Brooks