Dear Editor,

When our nation was founded over two centuries ago, colonial leaders drafted the Constitution, which the first three articles defined the branches of government. These articles defined each branch as the executive, legislative and judicial as separate, with limited powers, and one checking the other. Our early visionary leaders created a form of government providing citizens with rights and freedoms with a system designed to be for the people, by the people. This is basic information we all learned in elementary and high school. How quickly power hungry politicians forget the basic principles that colonial Americans outlined in our nation’s founding document in their desire to maintain control.

Since the birth of our nation, leaders continued to define the rights and freedoms of American citizens. I’m certain that those very astute colonial leaders didn’t envision elected officials curtailing the will of the people who cast votes during an election process as is happening in Wisconsin and other states across the country.

President Abraham Lincoln, stated, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” When the Republican majority in the Wisconsin legislature supports contentious bills that essentially nullify the choices communicated by citizens in the recent election, I believe we are on the path toward destroying ourselves.

I ran for State Assembly this election cycle, accepted the results, and moved on, which is what the Republican majority should have done, too. Why is this so difficult? My former opponent, John Nygren, after winning his election was seen at his worst in a public hearing by the Joint Finance Committee supporting the destruction of democracy in Wisconsin along with many of his Republican colleagues. Nygren and his fellow Republicans formed a united front by stating the purpose of these bills is to balance power in Wisconsin. This is a smokescreen to deceive the people of Wisconsin with their real intent for limiting the powers of the incoming Governor and Attorney General. At the recent public hearing held by the Joint Finance Committee, State Rep. Nygren stated, “Let’s not exaggerate what we’re really doing here today. This is a balancing of power in the state of Wisconsin.” No, let us not exaggerate Mr. Nygren. You schmooze over what you’re really doing by passing such ridiculous bills that ignores the will of the people, which until this election seemingly was not important.

While this was not my time to be a Representative in the State Assembly, I believe there is a new day on the horizon that provides hope for a bright future in Wisconsin with leaders who place the interests of people first.


Ken Holdorf