Dear Editor,

As a former alderperson and current Marinette city resident, I recommend that the voters of Ward 3 elect Doug Oitzinger as their next representative on the city council. My years on the council taught me that there are few alderpersons who take the time to research issues on their own and or who display leadership on crucial issues that face the City of Marinette. Often, council members simply vote on things presented to them by department heads and administration.

I don’t think anyone, even his detractors, would claim that Doug would be that kind of alderperson. Doug, as a private citizen, has publicly taken on Tyco/Johnson Controls over the reckless PFAS contamination of our area, travelling on numerous occasions to Madison to testify and speak to legislators. I doubt you could name anyone on the council or within the city that has done more research or fought harder for our community on this issue. I trust him to be that voice on the city council that protects our community in the tough negotiations and decisions the city will have to make during the next three years. I feel that Doug Oitzinger is the best choice in the current election cycle to help move the City of Marinette forward on this critical issue and many others.


Martha Karban