Dear Editor, 

Why is there so much Alzheimer’s?

A study just published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences identifies fluoride as a possible cause or contributing factor in Alzheimer’s. According to researchers with expertise in biochemistry and nutrition, fluoride “easily crosses the blood-brain barrier… (where it) affects cellular energy metabolism, synthesis of inflammatory factors, neurotransmitter metabolism, microglial activation, and the expression of proteins involved in neuronal maturation.”

In October, the University of Toronto published a study finding an association between concentrations of fluoride in urine of pregnant women with ADHD in their children. These findings are consistent with an earlier 2017 study that found pregnant women with fluoride doses consistent with doses in fluoridated communities had children with lower IQs.

Many researchers have identified multiple mechanisms by which fluoride contributes to neurological disability and disease. Children are most vulnerable to learning disabilities and seniors are most vulnerable to degenerative conditions like dementia.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Wisconsin Dental Association are amping up their promotions of fluoride in drinking water with self-important fluoride lobbyists like Johnny Johnson. They are ignoring actual scientists who have found evidence of harm. Perhaps they’ve already suffered too much brain damage. For all our sakes, I hope not.


Brenda Staudenmaier