Dear Editor,

Residents of the City of Marinette, I am writing a response to the letter published Aug. 6 about the garbage collection fee.

The city does indeed charge $10 for garbage collection, once a year in July. This fee has not increased in over 10 years. If it had, the tax levy would have been reduced by the increase.

All of the individual fees such as water, fire protection, sewer and even garbage are put on the utility bill because it goes out to every home in the city.

The city is saving considerable time and money (plus more convenient for the resident to pay) by adding them all on one existing bill rather than having a person generate an additional 5,000 bills for each service and postage to mail them.

Each of the fees are properly recorded and deposited to the appropriate department, not just the Water Utility. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the City of Marinette at 715-732-5120.


Jackie Miller, finance director

City of Marinette