Dear Editor,

The world is really a mess now. Some companies, as well as local, state and federal government, are using the coronavirus as an excuse to do or not do things. Locally, we have several huge problems that are not getting the attention they should perhaps so I am reminding you.

The shoreline of Lake Michigan, due to high lake levels, is taking a beating. I’m not sure owners and the local governments are moving fast enough on this problem. As the owner of property on Lake Noquebay where the wind and ice can be hard on the shoreline, I can tell you that I keep my shoreline riprap in good shape. It takes time and money. Waiting until you have a problem is often too late and adds greatly to the cost I suspect.

The PFAS problems appear to have been moved to the back burner and the heat almost turned off by the Wisconsin DNR. Tyco/JCI is wanting the DNR to investigate other possible contributors to this pollution. I would be willing to wager that there are. I cannot say that I blame Tyco/JCI as the fixes are going to cost a lot of money and take a long time. Any other contributors to fixing the problems will save them money. Sadly, the end may never come due to the nature of PFAS. I am very disappointed but not surprised that Marinette County has done almost nothing. We still have not heard if the Lake Noquebay County Park wells are polluted. I paid to have my one of my wells tested. We pay for and drink bottled water. I won’t drink water at the county park or the park maintenance building located across the street from a 91-acre field that had over a million gallons of Marinette bio sludge dumped on it in one year. I wonder if county employees do? Would the county board members? Would you?

Our Wisconsin governor’s “Chicken Little — the sky is falling” decision making is killing the economy. There are very few cases and deaths in our county. Living in a tourism area I can tell you many people are using their second homes and have been since the whole thing started. I see them shopping in the grocery stores. Many of them wear masks and a check of the vehicles in the parking lots confirms it with all the out-of-the-area dealer stickers on them.

I suggest that you support as many local businesses as you can. Call your county and state representatives. Tell them what you want done on all the problems. Remind them they better do something or we can replace them.


Pete Pfankuch