Dear Editor,

Aquila feels the need to respond to Elaine Mayer’s inaccurate Letter to the Editor on Jan. 7. Ms. Mayer’s claims about a “makeshift processing plant,” an “open tank full of mine drainage,” and the use of “cyanide and lethal chemicals” by Aquila are not factual. The holding tanks used by Aquila as part of its drilling program contained only drill cuttings (rock) and water and were installed and maintained per all laws and with approval from EGLE (Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy).

The photographs used on social media were taken without permission by individuals who were trespassing on Aquila’s property. The trespassers received a warning from the Michigan State Police and were informed by the Menominee County Road Commission the property belonged to Aquila and was not Bone Yard Road.

The holding tanks were decommissioned in the summer of 2019. A wastewater treatment plant received the water collected. The drill cuttings, classified as non-hazardous by certified lab results, were placed in a designated landfill.

If you have questions about our project, please reach out to experts who have the technical capacity to respond. Alternatively, we can be reached at 906-753-9602,,, or at E807 Gerue St. in Stephenson.


Chantae Lessard

Director, Social Performance and Engagement