Dear Editor,

After reading about Marinette and Marinette County tourism promotion in the paper I had to jump in with my two cents. A portion of Marinette County has great tourism promotion which is done by the Crivitz Recreation Association. They have been around since 1936. Their website is excellent. Crivitz Recreation Association has billboards, maps and even a phone number to call for more information. They exhibit at some sports shows giving away lots of brochures and advertise in many magazines, on maps, and with other media. The association is made up of area businesses and their focus is the Crivitz/High Falls area obviously. Based on all the people that vacation in the Crivitz and High Falls area, they are doing an excellent job.

Perhaps the county should have given them the money they seem to have and continue to waste with the current Marinette City promotion person. The Crivitz Recreation Association has it figured out and all the ingredients to be successful quickly for the county. Why not tell our 30 board members and the administrator what you think?


Pete Pfankuch