Dear Editor,

The campaigning in local politics begins. Within days of naming candidates for sheriff the headline, Sheriff candidate charged by the prosecutor for violation of election laws. A voter (no name) complained on April 6 that the candidate falsely designated himself incumbent sheriff. Investigation showed he named his page Sheriff Joe Grinsteiner and asked people to elect him Sheriff Joe Grinsteiner in 2020. The investigation mentioned t-shirts said Sheriff Joe Grinsteiner. A billboard for his candidacy with a registered logo.

What disturbs me was summed up well by prosecutor Rogg, The citizens deserve an election free of misleading falsehoods and nefarious influences. That story spread just what he said the election should be free of even the timing of the news release.

Falsely designating himself as the incumbent sheriff. The title page cannot be used without turning the page and learning what that phrase means. If I say prosecutor Roger Swanson for a title page can you say I am designating myself as a prosecutor? The line is meant to pique the curiosity and make you turn the page and see what it means. It may just say that I desire to be a prosecutor or I never wanted that title. You cannot tell the story from the title page and you cannot prove intent by it. There is not enough information to draw any conclusion or prove a case. Context is important.

The t-shirt. Stating it said Sheriff Joe Grinsteiner is accurate but with the rest of what is there changes the whole context of those three words taken alone. Printed on back: “The first line of defense for the last piece of Gods country elect for 2020 Menominee County sheriff Joe Grinsteiner.” Not re-elect. He doesn’t claim to be the current sheriff. He is asking to be sheriff Joe. There are no commas or periods in it. Would it make a difference if there was a comma? No, it would not change the context, meaning, intent. Front: Every county needs a sheriff Joe. He does not claim he is a sheriff.

The billboard logo. I believe a civil matter not protected by a criminal statute normally resolved by cease and desist order or civil court. It never stated if he ignored a stop order.

No, I think someone is trying to cause trouble with the campaign of this candidate using misleading falsehoods and nefarious information and is being helped by Mr. Rogg and the newspaper. I find it hard to believe that a prosecutor would be taking such a case to court. Questions, Why? Anonymous complainant? Deputy or city officer? Bogus smear campaign?


Roger Swanson