Dear Editor,

The Dec. 23 Menominee Board of Commissioners meeting at Stephenson Annex included a presentation by Aquila Resources about their letter of transparency to the public on a drilling exercise. Was the public also aware that Aquila had constructed a makeshift processing plant on the mine site, to process core samples? Well, they did. Pictures and information were given to EGLE Council, and they, in turn, had Aquila dismantle and remove it.

The big question is: What did they do with the open tank full of mine drainage, the tailings that were in an open pile on the ground, and all the chemicals that were there? Did they have permits to do any of this, or to even have cyanide and other lethal chemicals for processing on the site? Where is a copy of the public letter of transparency on this? Now with all the rain and runoff, did a non-transparent dump of this poison just get dispersed into the river, or was it dumped down the open wells so the water would test positive before the mine would open, so as to relieve liability down the road?

Where are the fines issued by our DNR and other government offices for this blatant offense? If we did any of this, we would be locked up. Don’t believe one word Aquila Resources feeds the community. It’s all as transparent as a pile of steaming manure. They will lie about anything. We will remain vigilant until they are run out of Michigan and hopefully the U.S.


Elaine Mayer