Dear Editor,

It was sad to read the recent article about the effect of the coronavirus on local businesses. But there is something we all can do to help our restaurants and other businesses survive this terrible situation. If you don’t feel comfortable going out of your house for take-out food, just call your favorite restaurants and tell them you want to buy a gift card and have it sent to your home through the mail.

Other businesses such as the Mariner Theater are giving extra discounts that you can take advantage of. Check out your favorite business website (in our case, the Mariner Theater) and the Shoreline Shopping Show website. Other places like grocery stores and hardware stores also offer gift cards.

We all need to help our local businesses stay afloat until they can reopen. The people who own them and their employees are a part of our community and always give us service with a smile. Let’s give them a smile by calling and supporting our local businesses today. If you get voicemail when you call, leave a message. And finally, please all pray this pandemic ends quickly.


Tim and Carolyn Pelzek