Dear Editor,

The “Donate to the NRA” Soundoff in Friday’s edition of the EagleHerald sounds like it could have been written by a Russian troll in the Kremlin with the goal to further alienate Americans from each other in Putin’s quest to weaken and/or see the breakup of the USA

Donate to the NRA? Why? So Wayne Lapierre, the executive director can buy another $5,000 suit, a better grade of whiskey or his wife can get another $100,000 cosmetic job? Gullible poor giving to the rich?

I wouldn’t have signed my name either if I was advocating, like the writer, unlawful and Unamerican activity, recommending “full-blown revolution.” Against who? If against the government, then logically it would be Trump, as he’s the one that’s been in power for almost four years calling the shots, along with a Republican Senate, House for 2  and a half years, 29 state legislatures due to gerrymandering, and more than 250 partisan radical judges that have been appointed. They generally disregard everything the polls indicate the American people favor. Blaming Democrats, who historically have had to right the ship after republican tenures and are mostly responsible for safety net programs many protestors likely depend on and Republicans hate, doesn’t wash anymore.

So whose rights are being violated by the minority rulers? Everybody else’s, or does state TV (Fox) impartially and truthfully (good luck at that) decide?

Ever notice, those who voice the most opposition to the government are usually the first to go to the government for resue when they screw up. From, “I know my rights, don’t tell me what to do,” to “I know my rights, you have to give to me/take care of me,” when I get sick from self-abusing from alcohol, cigarettes, careless driving, gambling, debt (Wall Street Banks) etc.

Even Ayn Rand, the right’s heroine advocate of selfishness who influenced so many prominent Republicans, did so as she faced hard times.

Righties say “America, wake up.” Yes, it does need to, but in a different way.

Howard Stern, the president’s old buddy, on whose show he appeared several times, recently said, “The irony is that Trump despises most the people who love him the most.”

“He likes celebrities, not the masses.”

“They (his supporters) should go to Mara Lago and see how many people look like them.”

Stern suggested that Trump do the country a favor and resign. Tell that to his next mass rally.

If he’s ever heard it, Mr. Trump apparently doesn’t understand the cliche, united we stand, divided we fall.

A revolution? At the ballot box, yes. To rebuild America and restore trust in our shared, not divided, citizenship.


David Larson