Dear Editor,

I read with interest the article in the Feb. 4 edition about the proposed timber-framed high rise in Milwaukee.

“Mass timber” is just a rebranding of a product that has been used with great success in the United States since 1934. Structural glued laminated timber beams, columns, trusses and arches have been manufactured in Peshtigo since 1934. A basketball arena, equivalent in height to an eight-story building, using Peshtigo-made arches, was built in Kentucky in 1962.

Glued laminated timber is not only used for building construction such as roof framing for the new Bellin Clinic in Marinette. It is utilized in vehicle and pedestrian bridges (examples at Luther Manor and UWGB, Marinette campus), noise walls along freeways (Highway 172 in Green Bay and U.S. 41 and U.S. 441 in Fox Valley); electric utility towers; decorative light poles; in new and old wooden ship construction; and decorative sculptures (several in Marinette and Peshtigo). There are many examples of laminated “mass timber” in the local area.

Pound-for-pound, glued laminated timber is stronger than structural steel and it is very fire resistant.

The use of glued laminated timber in multi-story buildings is relatively new.


Andreas J. Rhude

President of Sentinel Structures Inc. Peshtigo