PESHTIGO — The Peshtigo School Board received an update regarding the survey for the referendum during Wednesday night’s meeting.

While representatives from Miron Construction and Sommerville couldn’t physically be in attendance, Megan Prestebak, business development specialist in the education market of Miron, sent an email to inform the board of the updates and changes to the survey.

“We are moving forward with the survey,” Prestebak wrote. “On Monday night, the community group chose to survey two options, which includes additions and renovations to the existing school, as well as a new school. The survey committee met on Tuesday night (via conference call) and worked on the continual fact checking.

“Bill Foster with School Perceptions (the group doing the survey) has a very limited schedule, however he was able to make the meeting on Oct. 16 (at 6 p.m.) to share the draft. After the draft reveal, we will proof the document, add some small design touches, then we will be done.”

According to Prestebak, the next step after the meeting on Monday would be to receive final board approval at a special meeting to be held on Oct. 23 at 6 p.m.

The survey is slated to go into the mail on Nov. 6.

“We are trying to get it out early to catch people before they go hunting or leave for the holidays,” she wrote.

The surveys would be due by community members by Nov. 27 and results will be received in early December.

“From there, the committee would have to meet a few times to draft their recommendation and we will set dates once the survey timeline becomes solidified,” Prestebak wrote. “However, we would like to ask the board of education to hold a special meeting in December so the committee can present their recommendation. If we continue down this path, we feel that there is still time to peruse an April referendum, if that’s what you decide to do so.

“Regardless, the committee would like to present their recommendation while leaving an April referendum, if still possible. If the referendum is pushed back to November, the numbers would have to be raised, 4 percent to inflation.”

During the meeting held in September, the Peshtigo Middle/High School Citizen’s Building Committee were presented with two different options for the school.

Option one, which includes renovating the existing building as well as additions, was estimated at a total cost of $30,835,000. Building a new school at the property purchased by the district several years ago was estimated at $34,100,000.

The next Citizen’s Building Committee is schedule for 6 p.m. Monday at the middle/high school auditorium.